Market Research

Knowledge is power when it comes to achieving the strongest ROI for your marketing investment.  Embella uses both primary and secondary research to identify target markets, define purchasing power and buying habits, analyze the competitive landscape and uncover trends within the market that could prove beneficial to a client’s overall business strategy.

Brand Strategy

Developing an effective brand strategy is an essential step in positioning the company to attract customers and build revenue. Embella works with clients to define their differentiation in the marketplace and their promise to customers by crafting a clear, easy to understand message that is reinforced across all media, collateral, internal and external communications.

Marketing Communications

Embella offers an integrated approach to marketing communications, one in which all touchpoints with potential clients, investors and media are considered. By connecting advertising, sales strategies, public relations, and direct email and social media efforts into a concerted campaign, clients receive the strongest return for their marketing investment.

Media Strategy

Whether it’s bringing an advertising message to your target audience through traditional media channels or developing custom content for online media campaigns, Embella offers clients turnkey solutions incorporating powerful narratives with optimal placement to generate increased customer awareness and engagement.

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Embella offers client’s a broad array of traditional and online marketing services. We ensure a seamless integration of these elements into a single, cohesive strategy based upon sound research that will ensure not only reaching today’s goals but building a strong foundation of brand value for future generations to build on.