360 Virtual Tours

Drone photography is a fantastic way to see the world and 360 photography and video from our drones will let you explore from the air. Embella produces high-resolution 360° interactive aerial panoramic photographs to promote your business using our drones. Our 360° virtual tours give you the feel of being there up high with a birds eye view where you can turn around 360° and look closely at every detail.

You can view these virtual worlds on your mobile phone, tablet or computer screen, and fly to a new point by moving your finger or mouse to zoom in for a closer look. As a viewer, you will become immersed in the experience of the 360° world.

Our special interactive 360° aerial photography gives the visual information people are searching for. Research shows that people are looking for visual information before they buy or visit.

Our drones take the aerial photographs from a height of between 300 and 400 feet, depending on the client’s requirements.

Often Google’s aerial maps and Google Earth’s aerial satellite views are out of date and do not reflect the true picture. Our aerial 360° photography shows more detail, they are more accurate and current, and give your business the best chance to be unique.

We can insert and embed headings, website links, other photographs and videos in our 360° panoramas to enhance the full interactive experience.

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