About Us

Embella was initially formed to develop marketing and educational applications using Web technologies. Over the years, the founding team has developed commercially viable e-learning applications, learning management systems, an emergency response management and tracking platform, and numerous interactive simulations for health care, aviation, and the telecom industries. The company has been in the forefront of digital publishing content and in particular – media rich books, newspapers and magazines on tablets and smart phones.

Embella’s History:

• 1990s: Founders were the first to use distributed server architecture to deliver high-end simulations with embedded voice recognition and response technology for the air traffic control and aviation industry.  These simulators were deployed in over 150 locations around the world.

• 1996: Worked on strategies to help organizations advance marketing and educational programs using Web-based technologies. One of the first interactive advertising agencies in Texas.

• 1998: One of the first companies to create a Web platform for e-learning.

• 1999-2006: Designed and delivered hundreds of online courses, product tutorials, interactive Web sites and simulations to tens of thousands of users each year in environments where audit trails and measurable results are paramount to the success of the organization’s mission.

• 2004-2008: Leveraged background in commercializing products and services to develop art-related marketing strategies and have consulted with some of the following groups on those strategies: Earthman Arts Center Galveston, Art in the Park Galveston, Historic Downtown Partnership Galveston, Texas Seaport Museum Galveston, Bremond House Gallery, Elgin, Treenware Folk Art Studio & Gallery Elgin, City of Elgin, Hillcountry Art Center Georgetown, and WVAL-Wimberley Arts League.

• 2009-2011: Continued to work with Salado Texas on their Chocolate & Arts and Heritage Day Festivals. Worked with Dolgeville NY on their Violet Festival website, have created live Podcast shows for different businesses, and have worked with other businesses on video promotional pieces and commercials. Positioned eCareSoft for their entry into the US healthcare market.

• 2011-2016: Worked with Authors to publish their content into electronic form via eBooks, eLearning and digital publishing platforms and with the newspaper industry to get their content onto IOS and Android devices via apps development.

• 2011-present: Developed a consolidated arts and cultural events calendar covering 14 county region of upstate New York, enabling the area to build a brand as an arts and cultural destination. For more information visit the Art in the Adirondacks initiative.

• 2016-present: Leveraging the company’s strong foundation in traditional content development, Embella began exploring how newer technologies could advance a client’s brand into markets seeking fresh perspectives and more engaging content. The addition of aerial (drone), full emersion 360 degree photography, time lapse and motion time lapse extends the company’s broad array of services and unique history in aviation, technology and marketing industries to provide a more richly crafted branding message for both business and community clients.

We would welcome an opportunity to talk with you about your project. For more information, contact Deborah A. Kaufman at 315-429-3416 or via email: deborah[at]embella[dot]com.