2D/3D Mapping

Embella utilizes state of the art small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS)/Drones to generate high resolution Georeferenced Orthomosaic Maps

  • Our drones capture high resolution images of the mapping site.
  • Photos are taken sequentially in an overlapping geo-referenced grid.
  • Images are processed using industry leading software.
  • The result is a high resolution orthomosaic map that can be displayed in Google Earth or other GIS software such as ArcGIS or similar.

Pricing – Aerial 2D/3D Mapping:

Images are taken from an aerial vantage point of between 200 and 400 feet over one location.
A large number of images (based on acreage being surveyed) are stitched together to create different maps of the location.
Deliverables include 2D and 3D image and model files. These zip files are placed in a Dropbox folder for downloading.
For areas larger than forty acres, use $6.00/acre and then $150 to process and deliver final zip file.

  • Up to two hours on site
  • Total: $400