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What we Do Best

Great strategies always seem to evolve from great research and a complete understanding of the market, competition and unique value proposition of an organization. For that reason, our services always begin with a complete understanding of the organization, product/service, the marketplace, and emerging trends.

We leverage this knowledge to create assets that speak to target audiences with relevant, compelling content that triggers action. Whether we are writing a business plan, a grant, a business development package or a video narrative, knowing the target recipient and how they might be motivated to act is what we do best. And, what we do best… get results!

Need help with Grant Writing?

Grants of all types

Securing funding for the arts, city projects, or developments can range from $5,000 to $10,000,000 and cover private, to state and federal grants. The one thing they all have in common is that well-written plans with smart budgets that are relevant and targeted to the specific grant purpose, tend to get funded.

Grant Writing Research

We access and pore over lists of thousands of possible grants. Then, we develop a list of strong matches with grantmakers and your organization. This report can stand alone for your own in-house use, or as a jumping-off point for us to assist with grant writing.

Grant Writing Contracts

We offer ongoing contracts among our grant writing services for client organizations. These six-month to one-year agreements include an array of grant writing services. This means we research grant opportunities, write highly competitive grant proposals, and participate in debriefs on rejected proposals. 

Proofreading and Editing

We proofread your grant proposals before you submit them, making sure your message is clear and that you’ve followed the grantmaker’s instructions. A second set of eyes on your proposal is always important.

Fundraising and Development

For a more holistic approach to raising funds for our clients, we go beyond just grant writing, by partnering to offer strategic and business planning, board development, major and capital campaigns, individual giving campaigns, and annual fundraising services.


How We Do It

Assess & Research

We first look over your existing grant materials as well as the application you’re planning to submit. From this, we determine a price estimate for the project. Once the contract with the price estimate is signed, we work to fill any gaps in the existing grant materials.

Write & Review

Working closely with your team or a designated point of contact, we write the grant application to fit the funder’s requirements. Then, we review and finalize the grant, making sure its information is accurate and current.

Submit & Monitor

We can help with the submission process, though often we encourage clients to submit grants themselves so that they are the final point in the chain of submission.

For your free initial consultation and price estimate, be sure to contact us.


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Deborah A. Kaufman

Consulting, Marketing, & Grant Writing

Kaufman has 30+ years of experience building businesses as a marketing/operations executive working with early-stage companies to refine their positioning, develop commercially viable products/services, and grow market share. During her tenure, Kaufman has worked in C-level positions for both private and publicly traded companies.


Appropriate Pricing

Our pricing model is based on what is appropriate for the size of the project. With small projects, a flat-rate makes sense. Whereas, a larger project that will extend over a span of months is typically based on an hourly rate to complete the project and often budgeted through a monthly retainer.

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