Terms & Qualifications

Our prices vary according to the different factors that affect each task. These will include complexity, location, duration, editing (if any), and possibly several others specific to the job.

Duration: Hourly increments, half day, or full day
Location: Distance from our base (Little Falls), and possible overnight stays
Editing: A fully edited film, edited in parts, or raw footage
Location: It is assumed that onsite location time will be 1-3 hours depending on the package. Additional hours billed at $50/hr
Travel: Anything over 25 miles from our location is billed at $25/hr
Add $100 re-booking fee if an appointment is scheduled and then cancelled
Stills images are normally available within 1 business day
Video is normally available within 3-4 business days
Embella accepts cash, checks, e-checks, and all major credit cards
Commercial shoot pricing is based on square footage

Remote pilot aerial drone photography and video is affected by the weather. Therefore, Embella has a flexible and pragmatic approach to scheduling client work.

We cannot operate our drones in rain or high winds (high wind defined as 20 knots or higher sustained, or gusting over 20 knots). We monitor the weather forecast 3-5 days in advance of any shoot. If the signs are not good, we talk to the client 48 hours prior to the shoot to let them know there may be a problem. Also clients may have specific requirements that restrict us to flying at specific times, so this is factored in as well.

Aerial assignments begin with a pre-deployment online survey to see if the shoot is possible and if there are any other factors, flight restrictions or permissions that need to be considered. We conduct this research to confirm that we can meet the client’s requirements while filming both legally and safely.

Payment terms will be explained and agreed upon by both parties before commencement of the project. Normally, a 50% deposit is required before we start any project. Once we have discussed your requirements and agreed on a Statement of Work, we will provide you with a copy of the Quotation/Contract and our Terms and Conditions. Contact us now to begin this process.

Embella, Inc. reserves the right to reject locations that would violate any FAA airspace regulations.

Our pilots are certified with the FAA for Part 107 commercial applications.
Our Quadcopter’s are equipped with 4K HD cameras mounted on three axis gimbals.
Video and stills will be delivered via a shared Dropbox account shared with an email link.