A $1.65 Million community services capital campaign

The Little Falls Youth and Family Center is a 501C (3) charitable organization with a mission to build a robust youth and family support system made up of programs, events, and resources that enhance quality of life, build stronger families, and ensure thriving communities.

Since 1883, the organization has been strengthening local communities by partnering with private and public organizations to collaborate, share resources and networks. The Center’s Strategic Alliance Program exemplifies this strategic mission with a future-forward endeavor created to leverage the impact of local and regional nonprofits (focused on youth, family, and community improvement) working together with:

  • A shared knowledge network, funding resources, and back-office services
  • Improved organizational sustainability that extends the reach of each non-profit to address the region’s most immediate needs and those amplified by COVID-19.

Why a Campaign? Why Now?

The answer is simple—100,000 people a year are depending on us!

The generational wear and tear on our essential facilities from continuous usage, and the increased usage during the pandemic has made us keenly aware that we can no longer delay facility renovations to expand programming, increase capacity and modernize for today’s digital world. The Center delivers on its mission every day as a regional champion for our most vulnerable populations with a track record that speaks for itself. Core to executing on this mission is the efficiency, capacity flexibility, health, and safety of our program facilities.

Embella has been hired to run this campaign.

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